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Tatata Art


Tie Dye



About the Artist

Ronda Cole

When I was four

I received one of the best

Christmas presents ever!

It was a box of crayons. 

I haven't stopped creating since!

The art coming together...  

 What does Tatata mean?

 "There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living,

the secret of all success and happiness:  One  With  Life. 

  Being one with life is being one with Now.

You then realize that you don't live your life, but life lives you.

 Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.

  The ego loves its resentment of reality.  What is reality?  Whatever is.

 Buddha called it tatata--the suchness of life,

which is no more than the suchness of this moment."


                                                                                                          -Eckhart Tolle           


"True Serendipity!
I went to the Valpo Popcorn Fest today, driving Pearl VW and wearing my new Janis Joplin shirt (my amazing mom just bought it for me ❤). As I was walking along I noticed this Huge acrylic painting of Janis Joplin... my heart started racing and I couldn't get to the booth fast enough! The artists name is Ronda Cole, and she said that she has been working on this painting for a long time... started and stopped a couple of times and decided to finally complete it and put it up for sale.

She said that she doesn't think she could have found a better home for it, and I have to agree...

I am over the moon☮✌❤🎶🌛" 

— Brenda R. Smith

     "Thank You.  

I am just speechless.  

You captured him perfectly.  

The expressions, colors, everything!!

 Everyone here at the office LOVES it!!!!

Thank you so much.  

I will cherish this.  


— Lynn Duttlinger

Find Tatata At:

Dune Billies Beach Cafe

201 Center Street

Michigan City, Indiana 

(219) 809-6592

Static Age Records

621 Franklin Street

Michigan City, Indiana

(219) 214-1598

Broken Brix
Winery and Cidery
225 W. Main St.
St. Charles, IL 60174

The Den Records 
& Clothing
1240 Beam Street
Porter, IN 46304

Good Intentions

132 Mason Street

Saugatuck, Michigan

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